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Insulation of a nuclear vessel lowers heat loss and saves energy
while protecting personnel from high heat risks.

-20°C to

Prepared for every instance, providing protection and
saving energy at the same time.

Enclosure Heating

Self-regulating heaters mounted in enclosures provide radiant space heating, protecting valuable equipment and instrumentation

Johan Sverdrup

One of the five largest oil fields on the Norweigan continental shelf, Heat Tracing and Insulation ensured process temperatures were maintained and the system is protected from frost.

Kellogg, Brown, and Root

Protecting water from freezing elements

Corinthia Hotel

Insulation jackets for boiler room valves, to reduce heat loss and save energy costs


Eliminating loud, damaging noise through acoustic insulation protection

Yamal LNG

One of the largest and most complex LNG projects in the world, we provided over 6000 insulation jackets for critical valves, actuators, and instrumentation.


Ice formation on outside of existing rigid insulation cladding, so heated jackets applied over the existing cladding, complete with ATEX power distribution and control panels.

Sakhalin II

Comprehensive frost protection system to cover production, transportation, and processing of oil in extreme arctic region

Heated Flooring

Comfort in your home, year-round

Sprinkler Systems

Heated jackets to ensure frost protection of vital sprinkler systems

Shah Deniz

Largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan, heated insulation keeps critical processes working


Safety improvements on hot piping through worker protection cage systems

MAST Fusion Project

MAST facility for Fusion Energy was upgraded and enhanced the UK’s role in international fusion research. An intricate, multilayer system comprising over 1000 pieces was provided to protect personnel from the chamber where temperatures of 50 million degrees C will be created – over three times hotter than the Sun.

Rabab Harwheel

Safety improvements on hot piping through worker protection cage systems

Martin Linge

Hybrid insulation system including both rigid insulation and soft insulation covers, conserving energy and reducing heat loss while providing protection to personnel by reducing surface temperature to <55°C


Passive Fire Protection from cellulosic fire.