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Thermotex Soft Insulation

Elite Technical Fabrics and High Performance insulation to aid energy savings

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Installation and  Removal

Easy to install and easily removable for maintenance and repair work


Allows for efficient usage of space

Self-Supporting and Lightweight

Eliminated the need for costly support frames or brackets

Superb Climate Protection

Ensures accurate and dependable functioning of instruments across the globe

Increased Reliability

Allows reliable and consistent data feedback from the field

Configurable to Your Specifications

Windows for easy reading of instrument displays

Hang loops to prevent being misplaced

Custom stainless steel fastenings for a sleek installation

Luxury-looking textile binding contract trims

Specifications to protect from the fierceness of fire to the battering rain

Specs that provide a range of protection: from furnaces up to 1200°C  for up to 180 minutes, to frost and UV protection, and even deluge resistance.

Heat Tracing and Insulation

Extremely Cold Conditions or when the internal temperature is to be controlled, insulation alone will not protect instruments from freezing.

To combat this, we add pockets to the inside of our soft insulation and integrate Thermotex heat tracing cables. This provides self-regulating temperatures, enabling protection from extreme weather conditions while maintaining temperatures.

Insulation Features




Tailor Fastenings


Insulation Types

Snow, Frost and Ice Protection

Reduce Heat Loss

Process Temperature Maintenance

Personnel Protection


UV and Sun Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Cryogenic Lines

Cryogenic Spill Protection

Heat Insulation

Insulation slows down heat loss and conserves energy, protecting equipment from the harsh effects of temperature.

Replace lost heat with heat tracing to maintain the right temperature for your application.

Learn more about heat tracing